Bad Arolsen

More safety for pond systems in Bad Arolsen
There are several ponds in the area of Bad Arolsen. After accidents at urban ponds in Germany and the courts imposed considerable fines on the representatives of the affected communities, the city administration decided to comprehensively secure all ponds. In this way, the children of the community are protected from accidents. In addition, the city administration is thereby fulfilling its obligation to ensure that public spaces are safe.

Comprehensive security measures

Very extensive measures were necessary for the protection. This is because there are several ponds in the area of the city and the suburbs. The city administration chose a Perimesh stainless steel fence for this. The height of the system is 1.25 m, which guarantees a high level of security and ensures that all legal requirements are met. The posts used for this are suitable for setting in concrete. A total of around 300 m of fence was erected here. A total of 90 middle, end and corner posts with a distance of around 2.5 m were used for this. In order to give the city administration access, four Perimesh gate systems were also integrated. There is also a double gate with a passage width of 2 m, the height of which is just 1.25 m, just like the rest of the fence system. In addition, the Perimesh mesh was used for a bridge railing. This is a proprietary design by Carl Stahl ARC. The mesh size is 65 mm and thus ensures optimal protection. A prefabricated stainless steel cable with a diameter of 6 mm gives the railing additional stability.

Perimesh fence system with many advantages

The Perimesh stainless steel fence made it easy and safe to implement in Bad Arolsen. Its high level of flexibility meant that it could be adapted to all requirements on site. The following advantages were decisive for its use:

  • The fence is available in different heights and can therefore be perfectly adapted to your security requirements.
  • The adjustment to height differences is very easy and can be done on site without any problems. It is possible to use the stainless steel rope mesh
    To do this, bring it into the desired shape with wire rope cutters.
  • The low rope strength means that the fence system hardly interferes with the view.