The PERIMESH fence system is ideal for demarcating private gardens. For example, it was used in a garden project in Wolfschlugen. Here it made for an attractive and easy-to-create enclosure. The system height of 1250mm was used. Corner, end and middle posts with a single gate were installed. The distance between the posts was around 2000mm and the mesh size of the stainless steel cable mesh was 65mm.

Flexible mounting options for the posts

The variable fastening options offered by this garden fence had a very positive effect on this project. Post variants for setting in concrete were mainly used for the enclosure. In one section, posts with flange plates were also installed, as L-stones were present there. The dimensions of the perimesh posts are 40 x 40 x 2 mm. The flange plate has a dimension of 120x120mm.

Simple attachment to the tension ropes

The stainless steel fence consists of a flexible mesh of fine ropes. This is stretched between the posts. The mesh is attached to two tension ropes with clamps. The mesh system is tensioned and fixed to the end post with an integrated rope tensioner.

PERIMESH – a fence system with numerous advantages

When you use the PERIMESH fencing system to delimit your garden, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • High-quality stainless steel ensures excellent weather resistance and low maintenance requirements
  • The system includes all the necessary elements: posts, tension ropes, gates and the stainless steel cable mesh.
  • The flexible stainless steel cable mesh adapts perfectly to any terrain.
  • The fine ropes hardly restrict the view.