The basis of the PERIMESH fence is the tried and tested  stainless steel mesh X-TEND. Originally developed for applications in lightweight architecture, the preassembled stainless steel cable mesh constructions with X-TEND combine safety and aesthetic appeal, are hard-wearing and durable, and offer virtually barrier-free insights and views thanks to their transparent structure. The connection of sturdy stainless steel cables to a mesh of friction-pressed diamond shapes creates a special, flexible mesh structure which can absorb heavy loads and offers a wide range of possible indoor and outdoor uses.

Top-quality stainless steel cables

Top-quality stainless steel cables made of material 1.4401 with a wire construction of 7×7 are used for the PERIMESH fence. The diameter of the stainless steel cables is 1.5 mm. The mesh ferrule is also made of stainless steel with dimensions of approx. 7 x 5.5 x 3 mm.

Friction-pressed diamond-shaped mesh

Fence and passage solutions use horizontal mesh. The mesh length (distance from the center of one ferrule to the center of the next ferrule) is 65 mm. Depending on the tension, the mesh width is approx. 115 mm with a mesh height of approx. 60 mm.

The stainless steel fence system