PERIMESH® – the clever stainless steel fence system with a wide range of options

You can demarcate your property with a garden fence. This way you keep intruders out and ensure a reliable enclosure. Such a demarcation is also very important for commercially used properties in order to prevent unauthorized persons from disrupting operational processes. If you want to combine a safe and durable construction method with an outstanding visual design, it is advisable to use the PERIMESH® fence system.

Fence system with clear boundaries and a light look – thanks to a high-quality stainless steel cable mesh

In the standard version, PERIMESH® uses fence elements that consist of a fine rope system. The stainless steel ropes are frictionally pressed into rhombuses. The rope thickness is only 1.5 mm. The width of the mesh is around 115 mm and the height is 60 mm. This is the product X-TEND from Carl Stahl ARC This is why the mesh looks very fine and filigree. Thanks to the use of high-quality stainless steel, the mesh is nevertheless very robust and therefore ensures a safe demarcation. In addition, it is characterized by excellent weather resistance.

Privacy screen for optimal privacy

In private gardens in particular, privacy screens also play an important role. The PERIMESH® fence system also contains the right products for this. These are thin sheets of stainless steel that combine reliable privacy protection with an attractive visual design.

Glass elements for an outstanding design

Another possibility is to integrate glass elements into the fence system. This ensures an outstanding design that looks open and modern. For this purpose, a laminated safety glass (VSG ESG 55.2 with 2 × 5 mm) is used, which guarantees a high level of security. A round rod is built in, which gives the glass additional stability and also contributes to an appealing design.

Posts and gates for convenient assembly

The PERIMESH® system not only contains the necessary fence elements, but also suitable posts. These are connected to one another by a cable system so that the stainless steel cable mesh can be stretched in the gaps. To ensure comfortable access to the property, the system also includes high-quality gates .

Individual planning and implementation

If you choose PERIMESH®, you benefit from high quality and individual design options. We plan each project based on your personal requirements and measure the property on site. This leads to an optimal implementation.

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