The post range

The range includes all components for installation, from mesh, end, middle and corner posts to elegant passage solutions in the form of single or double gates. The modular design offers users a high degree of design freedom, installation is simple and self-explanatory. Individual, attractive fence solutions for different requirements can thus be created in next to no time.

End and corner posts

End and corner posts are equipped with struts and are supplied with accessories, including round rod, cable tensioner, perimeter rope and ferrules! The post covers are expertly and perfectly welded, stained and sanded.

Fence posts

The 2 mm thick fence posts are available either for setting in concrete or for flange bolting. The gate posts (4 mm material thickness) do not require diagonal struts.

Flange bolting

The posts are fixed either by setting them in concrete or by flange bolting. The welded-on flange plates have the dimensions 120 x 120 mm / diagonal strut 120 x 60 mm.

System dimensions

Perimesh posts (40 x 40 x 2 mm) are very stable when installed correctly. Posts can be spaced up to 2.5 m apart and a recommended maximum total length (end post-end post) of 20 m can easily be achieved.

Patented tensioning system

With the cable tensioner, the horizontal wire cables are tensioned at the top and bottom and fixed to the end or corner post.

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